Ode to the Library

Flashback Friday

Ode to the Library

(circa 1980)

Terms and definitions:

Library day – The one day a week (our class is like “Friday” which is totally awesome) we check out two books to bring home. I hope to God I don’t lose them.

Library card – See the small space where I have to print my name.

Due date – The stamped in date on the library card. I had to call my mom to bring my books up to school so I didn’t get in trouble.

Stacks – As in some kids make out hidden behind the “stacks” of books. Stacks=shelves.

Card catalogs – A pain in my ass. Alphabetical order works great if and when the person before takes the card out and puts it back in the right spot.

Periodicals are magazines and newspapers, people. Do we really need the fancy word?

“The” Dewey Decimal System – How the heck do I find what shelf the book is on?Melvin Dewey you da’ man. Bet he wished his name was John Smith, huh?

Renew – I need more time with the book. I’m a slow reader, ok?!

Encyclopedias – The A to Z Britannica books with gold lettering. I use these to research how clouds are formed. I copy all of that information into my notebook. Plagiarize much?

Dictionary – Over there, do you see the giant, oversized open book on the special pedestal in the center of the library? We aren’t allowed to touch it.

Microfiche – Whichever way I put this flimsy film in the image is always upside down on the screen.

Librarian – The older woman over in the corner with the pursed lips, who apparently loves book, is there to help but she actually hates children, including me.

Circulation Desk – That intimidating large, long desk where the librarian mafia sits and watches you like a hawk.

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