There Once Was a Man From Nantucket

There Once Was a Man From Nantucket

(read with a light limerick beat)


There once was a gal from the city

Her way with the words were so witty

But when she sat down to write

Judgment set in and stage fright

What she wrote then didn’t feel pretty.

There had to be some of trick

How words become stories that stick

Coffee, late nights or red wine?

Brilliance evaded each time

Good grief when will all of this click?

Afraid to try new things and just be

She set off on a journey to see

Could she handle unknowns

Out of safe, comfort zones

Made the choice that it’s time to be free –

Of perfections, restrictions and “No”

Held her back and would not let her go

Shame, guilt and fear

Always too near

Tired habits she hoped to outgrow.

A blog this woman once started

One post and she was half-hearted

Point of view in the works

Pieces riddled with quirks

Concealed and heavily guarded.

I am that writer gone missing

Taking ideas then dismissing

I so doubted each choice

Am I sure of my voice

But enough with my own dissing.

The second-guessing, then the self-doubt.

Instead encouragement I now shout,

Like “Get outta your head”

“Write whatever instead”

Finished being scared and hiding out.

I am not a man from Nantucket

It’s just to include the phrase “Fuck it”

Done pulling my hair

I’m up for the dare

To fear I now say, “You can suck it!”

When my best friend’s cancer came knockin’

It made me wake up and take stock in

Life can be so much more

Exposure than before

Adventures are all that I’m wantin’.

Expanded the circle of trust

Took risks and I had to adjust

Swam with the sharks

Cave in the dark

Courage and bravery a must.

Reading books ignite and inspire

These authors fuel creative fire

Like Stephen King and Lamott

Gilbert, Shapiro are HOT!

Honest writers, I can admire.

Writing is the way I create

Empty pages are the clean slate

Imagination run wild

Reflect, observe all the while

Realization this is my fate.

Where once old thinking, now new

There is an attitude of  “Can Do”

I progress no less

Jump into the mess

Shitty first drafts I pursue.

With writing I’m boldly exploring

Challenging myself and imploring

Write with humor and heart

Share the truth to impart

On your mark, get set, I am soaring.

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