First, resist. Next, relax. Then, just bee.

And there ya have it folks, it’s official. I have a website, with an original, clever and witty name – ha! Apparently the trend these days is to be super straightforward. Now you know-where to go-to find me. Simply remember my name and add I’m the bomb dot com (tee-hee). This has been a long…

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There Once Was a Man From Nantucket

There Once Was a Man From Nantucket (read with a light limerick beat)   There once was a gal from the city Her way with the words were so witty But when she sat down to write Judgment set in and stage fright What she wrote then didn’t feel pretty. There had to be some…

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An Ode to My Upcoming Blog


An Ode to My Upcoming Blog or A letter to My Writing Group to hold ME accountable now that I said I’d do “it” so now, I’ll actually HAVE to do “it” (but is that really a title?) or AKA—A List Poem in Honor of What My Blog Won’t Be Here is what my blog…

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