Betsy Conway is a story artist. You can call her a writer, a doodler, an artist, an illustrator, a cartoonist — just don’t call her late for dinner. Growing up Betsy left her mark on everything in her path; the covers of phone books, the margins of Mead notebooks, and even discarded junk mail. Her early works can be traced back to detailed crushes and curated Christmas lists straight from the ancient archives of her Hello Kitty diary.

Today Betsy’s witty observations and playful pictures are her trademark tools. She brings her signature style and unique voice to a variety of projects; a novel, a graphic memoir, a screenplay, illustrations for a guided journal and a children’s book, merchandising products and more.

Betsy lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota within walking distance of three of the 10,000 Lakes. Married to her college sweetheart, they are in the throes of parenting two teenage daughters. She has no pets. Because she has the Asthma. When she’s not scrolling cute Insta pets, you’ll find Betsy doing what she does best; noodling, doodling and elevating everyday experiences to create shareable nuggets of kinship.